Autumn Vibes

The chills coming in and it’s time to crank on the heating. Farewell Summer, hello Autumn! I love the cosiness autumn brings. From the warmth of colours in the leaves, to the cool crisp air in the morning breeze.

I thought I’d share some ideas on how to generate a warm feel to your home during the autumn / winter seasons without having to renovate your whole home to a new look. More specifically, lets take the space we spend most of our time relaxing in; your living room space.

“Cosy Cushions”

Cushions don’t have to be changed all the time, often I think they’re over looked. I used to think you had to choose the same cushions all the time, but no you don’t. Different tones and colours in one room can add dimension, depth and a bit of character. Throw in some complementing colours and different patterns to get the look you’re after. The one’s I’m loving at the moment are:


Colours can interchange too. Just because it’s Autumn doesn’t mean you should stick to red or orange. Yes, these colours are certainly warming but is it timeless for your room? You want to choose a colour / accessory that’s going to be a part of your room for some time to come.

“A throw-throw”

Throws and blankets alike are my “go-to” when I sit down in the evening. It creates a cosy atmosphere to a room and breaks a seating area into a more inviting space. You don’t need to buy a new throw each year. I find choosing the right one can be the one to see you through several winters. I tend to find thicker, softer throws more warming and cosier than thin blankets. I’ve posted a few below to show what can make add some depth to your room.



“Calming candles and soothing scents”

Unwind relax and enlighten your mood with some candles in your living room. Seriously, try it and you’ll be surprised. I often have some scents or candles in my living room as I find it an easy way to relax. With the colder months rolling in, I’ve been loving these candles and scents at the moment.

Thats my quick autumn fix for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Feel free to leave comments below!

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