#HomeTrend Series: Living Room

Welcome to the first edition of the #HomeTrend Series. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on “what’s in” for various rooms over the year. The first instalment is focused on the Living Room.

The Accent Chair

The “accent chair” adds depth and character to a room with minimal effort. We’ve stepped away from the era of co-ordinating everything in the same pattern or fabric. Nowadays, you’ll find more one-off pieces that make a subtle statement. Below are some of my favourite accent chairs for a living room.

You’ll notice a real difference in colours, they’re either light and soft, or dark and opulent. If you’re considering an accent chair, choose one or the other. If you’d like a regal feel, go for Navy or Teal. If you’d like something subtle, go for blush or peach tones.

The Paint Predicament

Paint or wallpaper? That’s one of the most popular questions I come across. I’m seeing more interest in paint nowadays and I certainly see this continuing through the year. Where paint is concerned, it’s functional, easy to wipe and a cheaper option to wallpaper. The living rooms below show how choosing the right colour can accentuate its features. From statement painted flooring to wooden beams; Paint is certainly the way forward! Farrow and Ball are one of my favourite brands and these are a few paint examples from their selection.

Accessorise in Style

If you’re looking for accessories to lift a room, then here are my top finds. You’ll see that there are more brass or copper effect tones widely available. This coupled with a geometric design makes a room feel modern. If choosing items like this, then do consider the room in its entirety so that you can get the best out of it.

So that’s my take on the #HomeTrend Series for a living room. If you are not sure where to start or have more questions, then please contact me. Here’s to more #HomeTrend stories coming your way.

Thanks for reading.


House to Home by Leena

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