#HomeTrend Series: Home Office

It’s that time already for the next edition of my #HomeTrend Series. Every month you’ll be getting a dose of inspiration for your home. This month, I thought I’d kick off with creating a refreshing office space.

Find your space

We are now in an era where home working is becoming more acceptable. Whether you work from home, or just need a dedicated area for your home “stuff” then it’s important to make your space work for you. You will now see a variety of desk styles which have evolved from basic designs to pieces that now enhance a room.


The space you have in your home will certainly determine the type of desk you select. Smaller desks are ideal for an open plan living space. For this type of area, I prefer choosing statement desks because it creates an elegant feature in itself. The top two for this area are; the black and gold effect finished desk from Maison Du Monde and the Navy Desk from Ikea.

For much smaller spaces like apartments or studios a “coffee table to desk” design is ideal. The Next Mode range is modern enough to slip into any living space and has storage within the table for your devices.

Finally, if you have a room or larger space for a home office you can afford to go for a desk that has more to it. For example, something larger in size that has drawers for storage. For these spaces, it makes sense to go for a design that is timeless. I love wood finished desks and these two just caught my eye. The first from Maison Du Monde is solid wood and the second from Dwell has a lovely walnut finish with a modern edge.


What makes a desk come to life is how you style it. Not just with the chair, but the smaller touches. Plants are a great addition to a desk. Aside from various health benefits it creates a homely feel. Small vases and trays with scents create a lovely ambience for your working area; so worthwhile taking a look at some fragrances. Finish off the look with lovely storage boxes.

Finally, a lamp without a desk is like a bed without sheets. You need one! Large or small, you need to select a lamp that provides enough light without overtaking your space.

Something personal…

What good would it be if I didn’t share my own working space with you all? Here are some snaps of my home office. What’s made my desk personal are my family albums, my love for cooking and reading. Make your desk unique to you by adding your own flair to it.

Ps. I have standing floor lamp next to my desk. So don’t worry it’s not without one…

“Now that you’ve got your desired look, stand in the sun and admire your own office. Made by you, for you!”

Leena Biant – House to Home by Leena

I’d love to hear how you’ve got on designing your space. Share pictures or comments below with what you’ve created. If you’re still unsure on where to start, then feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading,


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