Inviting the Outdoors In – This Spring

What “spring-feels” have you invited into your home? Spring for me is about inviting the outdoors in. Now that the clocks have gone forward and the days are longer, it’s the perfect time to refresh tired spaces. Here are some tips if you’re looking to do the same!

Creating a Spring feel…

Tip 1: Don’t underestimate the power of flowers!

With flowers blooming in abundance, now is the perfect time to invite some fresh scent and colour into your home. I usually buy a bunch during my shop from time to time. It certainly brightens up the place. The only downside is they’re not everlasting!

Some fresh lilies and afternoon tea at home.

If you’re not keen on fresh flowers then “go faux” with some artificial flowers or plants. A Bonsai plant will create a subtle “zen” inspired look to a room. Alternatively, a combination of small plants create a minimal allure in your home. (Perfect for a bookshelf). If you’d like to remain neutral then white flowers are the perfect way to achieve this!

This collection is from Dunelm

Tip 2: Textures and Accessories

Pieces that make the biggest impact to a room are actually smaller accessories and textures (in my opinion). To achieve a spring feel in your room, you may already have pieces that are hidden in cupboards that you could re-use. For example, colourful trays, seasonal cushions covers and bright ornaments. The best colours representing spring are are green leaf prints, pink tones and florals.

These pieces are looks I’ve created for clients.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of rearranging to brighten up a space. If you already have colourful pieces, then mix it up. Bring pieces forward to areas you can see it, like a windowsill or hallway area. Add a base to small ornaments, like a tray to give it impact. This is the perfect chance to declutter and add those hidden gems.

If you want to shop for something new, then I’ve found these decorative accessories below from Next. The Spring trend this seasons is clear; foliage, flowers and colour combined together create beautiful pieces in itself.

Tip 3: Cushion inspiration

I already have a thing with colourful cushions! Truth be told, you can still have brighter tones throughout the year. These are all in the homes of clients and one of which, my own. My point here is; how you arrange your pieces can revamp a space. So use those prints and make them stand out.

If you’d like a totally different look for spring then invest in cushion covers with different colours to use for the spring! Here’s my top spring finds:

Shop this look from Dunelm

Spring represents blooming colours and also fresh starts… from spring cleaning to decluttering, I hope you add some spring in your step to revamp your home.

Leena Biant

If you enjoyed my blog, please feel free to share. And of course, if you need more inspiration or advice, then contact me here. Thanks for reading!

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