The Upcycle Era: Featuring Live Moore

Savouring each Piece

Making a piece last a lifetime…

In an era where we are evermore conscious about our environment, I wanted to share my thoughts on upcycling.

Growing up, it was always bestowed upon us that we savoured each item, be that clothing or, in this case furniture – no matter the trend. If it was still on it’s four legs, we would sit on it. If it broke, we would fix it. And if all else failed we would sit on said piece of furniture until the thread was coming away and springs came through.

My point here is, as times have changed, so has our way of life. We are more free-handed with purchases than our parents generation and the one before that. We buy new items for our home if we like it, rather than re-using what we already have. Whilst it is great to do this now and again, lets consider an alternative approach.

The Upcycle Notion

Whilst working on a few projects, I realise that buying “new” should not always be the first option. Most clients already have lovely pieces of furniture that are in need of TLC. This is the true notion of upcycling – re-using and reinvigorating items in such a way that it is better than what it was before. Restoring its use with a modern flair and making it more purposeful.

Image courtesy of Live Moore

Upcycle Style at Home

The benefits of re-using what you have and injecting life into your furniture certainly outweigh buying new pieces. Not only does this concept mean saving more money, it means less in our landfills and in effect more energy efficient.

Unlike recycling, materials are not broken down or degraded – instead, they are re-imagined and repurposed – adding value and quality while extending the lifespan of the material.


Here’s a look at how upcycling can create style in your home. Featuring: Live Moore

What can you upcycle?

Well, almost anything. If you’ve had furniture for years, don’t succumb to disposing of it. Think of how it can be used elsewhere, or consider changing the colour of to give it some life. Remember one piece in one room doesn’t mean it has to stay in that area. Consider moving it to another room and making use of it elsewhere.

Upcycling does take time and effort. For this reason, there are plenty of places who offer upcycling services. I’ve selected Gayle from Live Moore, as her quality of work just shines through what she produces. One key aspect of upcycling is that, the pieces are unique and like no other. It’s a step away from the norm where you can get creative with your furniture. The piece below is a true example of this.

The latest piece from Live Moore by Gayle

“From finding old tired pieces of furniture that are on the verge of being thrown out, to seeing the final piece take pride of place in it’s new home, I love the whole transformation process (even the sanding). There has never been more focus than there is now on recycling and reusing products and this is something that is really important to me, why go out and buy a new piece of furniture when you can recreate a unique piece that no one else owns. And best of all, if you change your mind, it can always be upcycled again.”

Gayle Moore – Live Moore

Thank you to Gayle for allowing me to showcase her lovely work. I hope this blog helps you to consider upcycling in your future home projects.

Feel free to share me your upcycling projects and transformations!

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