#HomeTrend Series: Master Bedroom

I’m back to researching the latest trends around home and interiors. I’m excited about this latest edition, as it’s one of my favourite rooms to style and decorate. A “Master Bedroom” for me, is a place away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. It’s a room in which you can detach from the chores and actually look forward to relaxing in. So here’s my latest finds on what you can incorporate into your room.

Bedroom Style

The Perfect Bed

If you’re looking to upgrade your bed, you’ll see that styles have become more luxurious and opulent. A few years ago, smaller headboards with wood finishes were in abundance. Fabric styles were not as readily available and leather finishes were the “in-thing.” The trend these days is much more varied. From lush fabrics to statement beds, there’s something to suit everyones ideal room. Here are my top finds below:

Upholstered beds with high headboards create a sumptuous feel to a room. My favourite two are the Madison Bed and Arthur Bed above. Living It Up offer a wide variety of fabric samples and the added storage within the bed is certainly a bonus. These beds are perfect for a good sized room. The height of the headboard creates a wall feature in itself.

Meanwhile, the Argon and Goa bed are much simpler in terms of finish but boast different features. For those who have a room that has wall accessories and colour, a simpler bed frame with clean lines (like the Argon) will be the right choice to avoid overcrowding. For those lucky enough to have high ceilings, then be daring to select a grand bed like the Goa.

The Bedside Table

No room is complete without a bedside table. It used to be the norm to match bedside tables to other furnishings in the room. Nowadays, you’ll find individual pieces that create a focal point in a room. The key factors in deciding on the perfect fit depend on; (dare I say it) – storage and space.

If you have limited space but reasonably good storage, I recommend selecting a piece that’s elevated like the Lantau table from OKA. It keeps small spaces open with light flowing through every corner. In contrast, colourful rooms would benefit from something subtle like the Mode range from Next. Finally, you could combine colour, texture and height with a piece like The Audrey Bedside Table or the Heera Cabinet. These pieces will certainly become the centre of attention in your room.

The Final Pieces

Finishing touches bring a room to life. It’s when your room truly becomes your own. Adding your own flair is key to achieving a dreamy atmosphere. Space permitting, I’ve selected some additional finds you could incorporate into your room. Ottomans are the ideal for storing away throws, blankets or anything you need to hide. A comfy chair creates a nook in which you can unwind, whilst selecting the right mirror, creates more light.

Personality is a big part of enhancing your room to your taste. Incorporating yourself or loved ones makes your room unique and like no other which is why I’ve shared a piece of mine with you.

Final thoughts, combining functionality and texture is the quintessence of achieving the perfect bedroom. Here’s hoping this has inspired you with your room.


You can also read more about room ideas on my blog; “Tips for achieving a modern, simple and functional spare room.” If you’re looking for something unique and tailored to you then, contact me for information.

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