Handmade Home – Featuring Sejal Ceramics

A unique piece starts with unique talent

As I stroll down the aisles of various homeware stores, I love to browse what’s new; what colours are in and what styles have rolled in with the seasons. As much as I love to shop mainstream, I think there’s something more to searching for pieces that are one-of-a-kind and unique. For me, a home is made with character, personality and “sui generis” (unique) finesse. Simply put, we make a house a home through the memories we make and a sense of style that resonates with us. What better way to encapsulate your home with pieces that are handmade and authentic?

Set of 3 Glazed Bottles

Something about Sejal’s Ceramics caught my eye. Maybe, its my love for colour, or the fact that I’ve not come across pieces that are so intricately made. As I’ve followed her work, I’ve seen the utmost attention to detail and care taken to crafting each article. Whilst I share my top picks from her shop, take a moment to admire the detail and sophisticated design applied to every ornate object.

With unique shapes and sizes; these few vases will create a showstopper to any space in your home. Combining all three of the vases with the black in the middle would create an eye-catching feature to a simple sideboard or media unit. Add some foliage to create some height and you’ll instantly have a fresh feel in your room.

Sejal’s trademark “heart” emblem is the the key to distinguishing her style. It’s simple yet classy. Not all pieces attain to this, but most do.


Sneak peek at Sejal in her element

If you’ve followed my work, you’ll know I am a big fan of making spaces personal through accessories. By that I mean, showing more of you in your home. Sejal creates bespoke pieces that are personalised and quirky.

From planters to miniatures there’s something you can add to your home, however big or small. Planters are ideal for lifting a dull corner, whilst the miniatures add some depth to a shelf or windowsill.

The art of ceramics takes care, patience and most importantly creativity. Off-the-shelf buys are lovely however, authenticity is priceless.

Leena Biant

A few words from Sejal about her work.

The most exciting thing about ceramics is when you get to work on something new, like commissions or new glaze recipes. At every stage of making you never really know how well it’s going. There’s so many things that can go wrong when making pieces. (Especially in the firings). So to get a piece that survives right to the very end, when you open the kiln and everything is how you wanted it to be – is truly something special! 

Sejal Patel

So next time you consider a new piece for your home, think of a piece that will bring your room to life with something handmade. If you’re struggling with a concept and need some guidance then contact me for more information. I’d be happy to help.


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