10 best lighting finds for £50 and under

Here’s my quick review of the 10 best lighting styles I’ve seen for £50 and under. Some of the styles are on sale, so be sure to grab it if you like it.

1 The ideal lamp should sit well within a space without causing clutter. A good size base creates an additional accessory to the room. Paired with ornaments and scents around the room it finishes the look off with a warm glow. Shop this ebony lamp from John Lewis for £49

2 Cheat the designer look in your kitchen by purchasing the Stockton easy fit light from Next. The look is so similar to the Culinary Concepts design you’d be able to achieve the same style at a fraction of the price. Don’t be fooled by the cluster of lights; one Culinary Concepts light retails at £100.

3 Spherical lighting has made a real come back in the last few years. Styles are now more readily available at a variety of stores rather than just the high-end retailers. The lamps do come in a variety of finishes. A brass finished lamp from made.com comes in at £45, whilst the copper effect from Dunelm comes in at £22. It’s also available in black.

4 Another element of design is texture. Cement finished lamps create a regal feel to a room. Designer styles come in around £90 but I’ve found a similar look from Iconic lights for £26.99

5 Creating a warm inviting space with a ceiling light is a challenge. There’s a lot more to consider that meets the eye. From the room decor, to the ceiling drop; it can all get a bit overwhelming. I’ve spotted this modern industrial light for just £30. The style is eclectic and the black creates a prominent statement to the room. Coupled with the warm glow it really does add depth to the room.

6 Here’s another look at how to create an impact in a totally different way with drop lighting. This type of light is an easy fit pendant which doesn’t require an electrician to fit it. The crystals and mirrored surface around the light add geometric patterns and reflections to the wall. It’s perfect for a landing area or over a dining table. Coming in at £50, you can get a dazzling look without going overboard. In comparison, the same style light with fitted lights; which requires an electrician, costs £199.

7 Looking for a tripod light? Asda Living have this grey lamp for £40. A similar style in John Lewis is currently £235. If you know it’s something you are going to change in the future then spend less now so you have the option to change the style in the future.

Pair of geometric table lamp £30

8 Geometric patterns are extremely popular in home design nowadays. If you’re looking to carry the look through the room, then these lamps are a great find. A pair for £30 from iconic lights.

9 Spot light floor lamps elevate an open space. Styled in a corner it creates a focal point and makes a true statement. Value lights retails at £49.99. A similar style from made.com costs £169.


This style of lamp is incredibly popular. Depending on the retailer, high-end prices start from £60 or more. Aldi surprisingly have been including some nice pieces over the past few months. Some of their designs have been very similar to John Lewis. The large crystal droplet lamp comes in grey and champagne for £24.

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