On-the-go “inspo” – From Leicester to London

Most of my blogs feature my outlook on trends, room design and specific pieces. I thought I’d give you more of an insight about myself, so you can see where my inspiration comes from.

Some of it will be my day-to-day life and other elements will involve places I’ve never been before. So follow me on my journey; I hope it brings some inspiration to you and your home.

London vibes

The view

I recently went to see Backstreet Boys in concert. They were amazing. I made a full day of it in London, visiting my favourite locations; from Oxford Circus to Covent garden. I also made my first visit to the Radio Rooftop Bar on The Strand where I stumbled across the most amazing views and decor. Combine that with good company and a glass of vino – it was bliss!

This was a spur of the moment visit. I googled Roof Top bars from the Punch and Judy pub in Covent Garden and it happened to be a few minutes away. We entered the Roof Top bar through the side entrance and walked through a corridor with marble floors that reflected light through the corridor.

The arrival at the roof top itself was more than just walls and tiles. I captured breathtaking views and decor inspiration. It just oozed class and sophistication. I viewed the decor as something that can be encapsulated within your own space (if it’s your style of course). From unique seating, to distinct shelving displays; it sparked an idea on how to showcase an open space in the best possible light.

The open shelving created a partition but didn’t close off the room entirely. What made the shelving work was the light flowing through the nooks. It allowed you to peek through to the bar area, yet still have another space to relax. Here’s some food for thought if you are looking to accentuate your room in the best possible light.

  • Select a shelving unit that spans a good width of a free wall in your room. Shelves can be staggered making the design of your area much more unique.
  • Try not to bombard your shelves with too much as this will close off the space between each shelf.
  • Less is more. Use plants, pictures and small accessories to keep the space light and airy. 

Take a look at these units below. The one on the left is protruding forward with less items but the space still feels open. In comparison, the one unit on the right is great for storage but closes off the light in that area. So my main point here is have a real think about how you’d like your room to feel. There is nothing wrong with utilising the space at all, I just wanted to share a different perspective.

Until next time…

I hope you enjoyed my travel inspo. I look forward to sharing much more. This trip was inspired by going to see Backstreet Boys in concert. We planned for the tickets but nothing else in between. Sometimes things like this make the best trips. Before I sign off, I have one ask; think about your wish list. Or as I call mine, my list of things to do before 40! Funnily enough Backstreet Boys was on my list to see. If I didn’t get to see them here, I would’ve made it happen – even if it meant going to Las Vegas. I have started to do more of what makes me happy and less of what causes drama. Take a leap forward and start making your list (whatever that is). Then, make it happen! By the way, if anyone has a list before a certain milestone, I’d love to hear it! I’ll be back soon. Take care for now.

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