My Top 3 Picks to Style your Home for Less!

Interior design is all about combining functionality with purpose to suit you, your home and your style. I wanted to share three key finds to help elevate your home at a fraction of the price without compromising on style. I’ve selected these three pieces because they can go in almost any room to compliment what you have. Read on to see how…

Footstool: £99
Chair: Swoon £369

The Functional Footstool

Brass finished footstools are in demand. These footstools are ideal in a corner to create a small accent to compliment larger pieces of furniture. Use in a bedroom for a dressing area or a corner of a spare room to add a small feature. Prices vary for footstools. offer 3 different colours for £99. Alternatively, ALDI do these below for £29.99. Take your pick! The key difference between the two is that has larger piping around the top and the brass finish at the bottom is more of a matt finish. offer this in a midnight velvet and blush pink, compared to ALDI who have navy and a light grey.

The Accent Chair

Can you spot the difference? Which one is from Swoon? Which one is from Dunelm?

Accent chairs come in so many shapes, sizes and varieties that it can be overwhelming with where to start. I have selected a cocktail chair because it’s so versatile. Not only do these chairs come in a variety of colours from Dunelm and Swoon, but they are small enough to fit nicely within a room as an addition to what you may already have. The great thing about accent chairs is that they don’t need to match everything. In fact, it should be the opposite. Colour adds contrast and depth to a room. Unlike a footstool, these chairs will certainly be more comfortable, and can create a nook within a room to relax away from the main area. You may have already guessed. The left is Dunelm for £139 and the right is Swoon for £369. The dimensions are only a few centimetres apart; so size wise they’re more or less the same.

Light up your room in style

I’ve selected a table lamp as my final piece because it simply brings a room together. I was drawn to this particular style because it can be placed in most rooms due to the design. The main difference between the two is the finish – one being ceramic based and the other velvet. If you had to choose – which would you select? You might be pleased to know the one of the left is from ASDA for £25, and the one on the right is from Grahame and Green for £69.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your home. I’m always keen to add more finds for you. If you’re looking for a particular product or style, then get in touch! I’d be happy to help. Look forward to sharing some more finds soon!

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