3 Simple Steps to a New Hallway

Start with what you have…

Every project or DIY job always starts with an idea in my mind that I cannot let go of! I purchased this teak lacquered console table 8 or 9 years ago from a store on Tottenham Court Road in London. It was a stunning piece that I had saved up for and didn’t want to let go of it or sell it. However, I felt like the table was dull in the corner and didn’t add much to the hallway. On face value, the table itself looks perfectly fine. However, there were some dents and scratches on the legs and top itself. After getting some tips from a carpenter friend, it was down to me to transform this console table. As this table was lacquered smooth, it would be no use painting over it, as the new paint would not adhere well. Therefore, I went all in and bought myself a sander! I then bought some quality primer and paint for the table. I was in two minds to make the drawers grey, but from the end result, black worked really well! So here’s what I used: A sander, primer and rustoleum chalky finish paint and gold spray paint. Here is my quick reel to show you I pulled it altogether! So my top tip is always re-use what you have!

Create more light in the entrance…

If you’re going to revamp your hallway then think about how you can incorporate more light within the space. By adding gold to the table and handles, it’s inadvertently created a brighter space without even trying. From the top looking down, the gold finish really compliments the space and offsets the flooring beautifully. Add to that the mirror at a bargain of £8 from Dunelm, it’s worked a treat.

Here’s some other ideas for you to consider in your space:

  1. If you have space and an electrical point – consider a table lamp on your console table to bring warmth to your entrance.
  2. If you have nothing in your space and are looking for something small, consider a radiator cover, or the besta floating cabinets range from Ikea. This works so well in small spaces.
  3. Finally, if you don’t have space for a mirror consider photo frames with a mirrored finish to reflect light.

Add finishing touches to create an inviting entrance. Stacked books seem to be the “in-thing.” Instead of purchasing new books, I’ve made use of my photo albums that were hidden away in a cupboard. It’s been nice placing them here as, my daughter loves to spend time looking at pictures from our previous holidays. It’s clear the revamp was much needed and my hallway looks much more stylish and somewhat brighter with the new handles. In terms of styling I purchased all of the vases from Asda and the scent holder too! The faux flowers were from Dunelm.

Here are some top styling tips to get your home styling on point:

  1. Add one or two pieces on the sides that are tall. This will create a focal point in the desired area. For example, I’ve used these smoked grey vases, added some decorative stones and faux flowers.
  2. Compliment the taller items with another smaller piece that has detail and colour. It’s perfect to add interest to your space. For example, I used the Buddha scent holder and faux flowers.
  3. If you have books reuse them. You never know, it might get you reading a book you’ve not read in a while.

Once you’ve got your styling in place don’t forgot to complete your space with a bit of greenery. I always find that plants can make all the difference even in the smallest of spaces. This is the Kentia Palm plant. Surprisingly I also got this from Amazon. It’s so easy to maintain and requires minimal water and light. If you’re still looking for a bit more choice and variety, then check out my Top 5 indoor plants blog.

If you’re taking on the task of redesigning a space and need some help getting started then contact me on the form below.