3 Space Saving Hacks Everyone Should Try

How often do you look at your cupboards and think, “I need more space!” Guilty! How often do you think, I need to get this piece of furniture to store that? Guilty!

PS, When I’m referring to guilty; I’m referring to myself a few years ago! I always thought I need something else to curb my storage issues. If I knew what I’d known now, I would have saved so much time and money!

What if I told you to try these steps first to save you from buying new pieces.

By the way, if I am recommending something, take a look at what you have at home first. My suggestions are ideas to give you inspiration. You might already have something similar you can use before buying.

Roll not Fold

Most of us would usually fold our clothes and stack one on top of the other. Did you know rolling everything could save you twice as much space? You can try this with jeans, jumpers and t-shirts. My biggest tip is, if you have smaller pieces like light t-shirts, then you might need a smaller box or basket within your drawer to keep things compact. Here’s a peak at my current drawers. I actually thought I would have reverted back to folding, but this has lasted me for such a long time now. I can see what I need when I need it. The best part is, I didn’t need to buy a new chest of drawers!

That “One” Cupboard

You know what I’m talking about! The one cupboard where we hide things and dare not look at! This is the key to making space in your home. If you sort out that one cupboard, you’d save more space and you could actually get in more things that you need from other areas. Here’s my one cupboard…

There was nothing in this space but a load of mess. I looked into so many options on what would work here. Bespoke fitted solutions were more than I wanted to spend. So I got creative. Cue – IKEA. The Kallax range is so versatile. I recently mentioned this in one of my blogs – “3 Tips for Multipurpose Rooms.”

I used this 4 x 4 KALLAX unit as the base and the rest came together with gift boxes I was given. I like to re-jig things around in here. So my recent update was nailing a filing box to the wall to store cleaning sponges. (They’re so tiny!) I can now find them in a few minutes.

So my top tip for that one cupboard; use what you already have from other rooms. You might have a few old gift boxes sat in a cupboard not in use. Dig those out and put them to use. If you have an old file box, nail it to the wall or maybe nail a few. You can add in smaller items that you need to access regularly.

Get Kitchen Savvy

If you’re wondering why it matters to get savvy storage in the kitchen then hear me out. The more organised you are in your day-to-day cupboards, the less space you need elsewhere in your home for extra kitchen stuff. In all fairness, I have invested in storage here to make sure I utilised every nook and cranny possible.

The flip top jars are widely available in most places. The Range are the most reasonably priced for these glass jars. I spent a bit more on my larger containers and invested in the Oxo Storage Tubs. For the stackable spice jars, these were from Joseph Joseph.

Sometimes finding the time to go through your home can be the biggest challenge. If you’re looking for some guidance, I offer an Online Home Styling Session tailored to you. This will help you to prioritise your interiors of interiors and get you organised before spending on larger pieces. My online styling advice includes:

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