3 Styling Tips for Multipurpose Rooms

Many of us will be used to the idea of open plan living or having a space that is dual purpose. Let me paint a picture for you. By day, the room is filled with toys, pitter patter of feet, and numerous food patches in various places. By night, the room has quietened, it’s now a place of (somewhat) calm and the TV is on to switch off from the mayhem. Sound familiar? I’m sure some of you can relate. For those who can, this post is for you.

If you’re wondering how to set your space up, then I’d like to share some tips with you. They’re simple and cost effective.

Image: Ikea

Tip 1: Make use of storage

This is essential. If you already have storage then it’s worth considering how things are set up to ensure you’re maximising space. It could mean some decluttering. A lot of it comes down to organising what you have to make it work for you. If you have kids, then I’d highly recommend the Ikea Kallax range for storing items. These are so cost effective and can fit into all sorts of spaces. I also like that some can be wall mounted. If you have a larger space then consider using this set up to break your room as a divider.

Your walls are key to utilising storage. Use the bottom for closed storage (anything you’d like to hide) the top part for decorative accessories and photo’s.

If your space is lively during the day, you’ll want minimal cosiness around and more space to have pieces out. So it’s worth investing in a storage footstool. Ideal for storing any soft furnishing away that you don’t want out in the day. Purchase these from Dunelm.

Tip 2: Include colour to your space

Often we are drawn to neutral tones. Having some colour will help to break your room. For multi purpose rooms, it’s a great idea to colour block some walls to give it character. The colour will bring your room to life both for you and your little people. Here’s some ideas to ponder…courtesy of Dulux.

Tip 3: The perfect corner

Find the perfect corner. We know kids don’t sit still. However, having a central point for them (that is just their space) creates that added area of comfort for them. I’d recommend sectioning a corner of your room. Make this space creative and add some colour or art to the wall. I love these pieces from Great Little Trading Co.

So try these steps out and let me know how you get on. If you’d like more information on bespoke services get in touch here.