3 Top Tips for Creating a Stunning Bedroom

Creating a bedroom that feels cosy, comfortable and stylish can seem somewhat daunting at first. If you have been wanting to create the perfect space for your room then follow these top three tips to make your bedroom come to life.


The best addition to any room is texture. What do I mean by this? I mean a fabric that has a certain feel to it. We know that velvet is super sumptuous and woven fabrics have a little more toughness, yet remain soft in a particularly different way.

Adding texture to your room inadvertently adds more depth and character to your space. Take these grey velvet cushions for example; the velvet is beautifully soft however, the intricate beading and pattern create a totally different feel altogether! It adds a totally different look to the room and invites more than just a plain cushion would.

So my top tip is to explore more patterns and textures to give your bedroom the love it deserves! If you’re stuck for ideas and choices, go back to basics. Think about your likes and dislikes and play on things that make you happy. I absolutely love tones of blue and mixing this with the outdoors. Once you nail down your happy place and things you associate this with, you can add this through your decor.


Isn’t it so easy to settle for the norm? I love bedside tables but I found that suspended lights next to the bed are so much more stylish! These were from and were the Boll Lights. In the sale I picked them up for half price! If you are considering some lighting then I’d recommend looking at lighting off the bedside table. This will also create more space on your side table if you need it.

For ceiling lights, I opted for a cyclical style light from Next. I love that this style remained open from all angles. It is a bright light, so I would certainly recommend this style on a dimmer. What I love is that the lighting has brought a certain amount of glam to the room and yet, its still subtle. It’s not huge to take over the space. The size and style helps the room to remain open.

So if you are looking to switch things up then take these three tips in mind:

  • Change the level of your lighting. Invest in some drop lighting as your bedside light. It’s so worth it!
  • Keep your main ceiling light open. If you go for something too busy it will close off your space indirectly
  • Opt for dimmable light switches so that you can create a cosy atmosphere when you need it.


Layer up your room with colour, cushions and plenty of cosy fabrics! It can be so off putting investing in sheets and throws when you feel that its so much hassle to “do-up” the bed. Am I right?

I’ve found some ideal bedding from Dunelm *the Hotel Range which is super versatile and doesn’t crease as much. Instead of spending a tonne on throws – honestly, I researched Navy throws until I was blue in the face! Literally! I ended up purchasing a grey throw from Dusk, only to find that it was a match made in heaven! When they released the Navy version, I bought that too! And layered up my bed. I love the dusk throws because they are super light! When you have a thick duvet, adding a thick throw becomes so much hard work! So now these two throws work nicely on the bed and bring out the cosiness that my room needed.

So to create your amazing boudoir, then try this:

  • Layer up on colour. I’ve selected a good base (grey) and a good bold colour (navy) which I love. You can mix and match colours that resonate with you.
  • Layer up on texture. I’ve got a mix of velvet on the cushions, and cotton on my throws and bedding. Use this to create a balanced feel in your room.
  • Layer up on levels. If you.have everything the same height (i.e. cushions) you won’t be able to create much depth in your space. So find a few smaller cushions to offset your bedding and create some character.

Let me know what your biggest takeaway is from this post! If you have any questions then contact me and I’ll be happy to collaborate or work with you to design your amazing space!