3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper

Marble Art – Dwell

It’s easy to stick to wallpaper when styling a room. It almost comes as second nature to most of us because it’s so popular. I wanted to step out of the wallpaper realm and share a few exciting tips and ideas with you to bring a room to life.

1 Create Symmetry and Levels

A wall is nothing but bricks and mortar until you bring it to life.

What better way to do this, than to bring some levels to it. Creating shelving is more than a few plain floating shelves. Designs are much more striking; in such a way that it can actually make a room “pop.”

Unlike wallpaper, your shelving arrangement can change with the seasons. Add fresh flowers in spring for a colourful and vibrant feel. Or simply re-arrange books and accessories you already have to alter the atmosphere of your room.

This tip is the most cost effective because once you have your shelving up, you can adjust what you add on or take-away using items from other rooms. You can adapt the display to your mood which is difficult to do with wallpaper.

2 Combine Light with Reflections

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Take a moment to consider how much light you have in your room. What direction does the light come in? Light is the most powerful element in enhancing the look and feel of a room. One key aspect in making it work for you is to use mirrors to reflect the light through the room. Of course, it’s great to have a mirror for day-to-day use. But think of how it can make your space look larger through reflection. Shop the mirrors above from Dwell.

Here’s some elements to consider:

  • If you’re adding a mirror directly onto a wall then think about how much space it’s going to span over the area.
  • Will you isolate the mirror to one area and combine levels on the opposite side? If you’re unsure, use some masking tape to see what space would be occupied on your walls.
  • Leaning tall mirrors against a wall or within a corner creates more depth within a space. This also means you could move it to another area (space permitting) to change the look.

3 Captivate Attention

Even if you don’t apply this tip, try the exercise.

Every time you walk into a room, whats the first thing you look at? If it’s your living room, bedroom, study – any room – what strikes you? Most of us think; “I’d like to watch TV, or go to bed.” So the item that comes to our mind (i.e. TV, or bed) is what captivates our attention when we walk into a room.

Think about it though, if you truly had to look into a room or space, what makes it “you” aside from the reason you’re walking into that room.

A captivating space is what makes each and every room unique. It’s personality. Bringing personality into a home is often put off as the last thing we do. We put it off due to lack of time or energy to find what we need to bring our space to life. Don’t put it off, and make your space worthwhile. If personal pictures aren’t your thing, why not invest in art, or add scenic pictures from holiday.

Show me your feature walls without wallpaper if you get a chance. I hope you found this one useful. If you’d like some more tips or inspiration on a particular topic then please feel free to contact me. Check my instagram page here. Thanks for reading as always!