About me

Creative, colourful and sassy come to mind…

Passionate about interior design with a flair for transforming spaces into something unique (see my portfolio)

I’m a mum of two who enjoys crafts and painting. When I’m not designing, sleeping or eating; I’m running round after my brood like a “headless-chicken”. It’s ok, it’s all worth it. (Yes, it really is!)

Interior design has come to me through experience in working with friends and family on various projects. Now, I’m looking to cast a wider net and share it with those looking to revamp a space into something one-of-a-kind.

Why Me?

“I’m about bringing your personality into a space to make it thrive, and live through the day-to-day hustle and bustle. “

House to Home by Leena

My purpose is to understand what you want to achieve from a room and help design it with you; so that it can become the space you envisage. I like to “think outside the box” and bring a room to life using accessories, colour and bespoke items (if it fits the space).

My style of decor resonates with everyday life, “the reality” of living in a home, not a “show-home.” I work to understand your lifestyle, so that your home becomes what you love and cherish.

If you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to rejuvenate a space, be that big or small, contact me for more information. Take a chance on bringing something more to your home.