3 Top Tips for Creating a Stunning Bedroom

Creating a bedroom that feels cosy, comfortable and stylish can seem somewhat daunting at first. If you have been wanting to create the perfect space for your room then follow these top three tips to make your bedroom come to life. Texture The best addition to any room is texture. What do I mean byContinue reading “3 Top Tips for Creating a Stunning Bedroom”

My Top 3 Art Styles for your Home

We all have a certain style of decor we are naturally drawn to. Just like decor, art can be the same. You will find you are more drawn to particular styles than others. There’s a lot to say about different techniques and styles of art. Today, I wanted to introduce three individual styles as anContinue reading “My Top 3 Art Styles for your Home”

3 Space Saving Hacks Everyone Should Try

How often do you look at your cupboards and think, “I need more space!” Guilty! How often do you think, I need to get this piece of furniture to store that? Guilty! PS, When I’m referring to guilty; I’m referring to myself a few years ago! I always thought I need something else to curbContinue reading “3 Space Saving Hacks Everyone Should Try”

Wallpaper Trends: What’s the best style?

Are you looking to create a feature wall in a particular room? There’s so much choice with wallpaper, it can become more of a chore than an enjoyable process. Here are a few tips to get you started. The first step is finding the right type of style. Once you have this, narrow it downContinue reading “Wallpaper Trends: What’s the best style?”

3 Styling Tips for Multipurpose Rooms

Many of us will be used to the idea of open plan living or having a space that is dual purpose. Let me paint a picture for you. By day, the room is filled with toys, pitter patter of feet, and numerous food patches in various places. By night, the room has quietened, it’s nowContinue reading “3 Styling Tips for Multipurpose Rooms”

Simple Garden Style

How many of you are out and about in your garden? Anyone pottering around contemplating what to change or switch up? Here are some simple ideas which could totally revamp your space without spending too much. If you’ve got an a blank wall where you’ve set up your garden furniture, why not add some plantersContinue reading “Simple Garden Style”

Top 5 indoor plants that will last the test of time

Healthy food, healthy lifestyle… what about a healthy home? Have you considered adding some greenery to your home? More often than not, its easy to resort to faux plants for an easy, somewhat “stress-free” plant-life. However, today’s post is going to give you my top 5 plants that are worth investing in. Plants have soContinue reading “Top 5 indoor plants that will last the test of time”

Colourful Home = Colourful Mind

Have you ever considered what colour elates you and what colour deflates you? As I broaden my understanding of interior design, I realise a home is more than what’s “in” the space. It’s about incorporating colours that create a space that resonates with you. I’d like to give you some tips on how injecting theContinue reading “Colourful Home = Colourful Mind”

3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper

It’s easy to stick to wallpaper when styling a room. It almost comes as second nature to most of us because it’s so popular. I wanted to step out of the wallpaper realm and share a few exciting tips and ideas with you to bring a room to life. 1 Create Symmetry and Levels AContinue reading “3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper”