My Top 3 Picks to Style your Home for Less!

Interior design is all about combining functionality with purpose to suit you, your home and your style. I wanted to share three key finds to help elevate your home at a fraction of the price without compromising on style. I’ve selected these three pieces because they can go in almost any room to compliment whatContinue reading “My Top 3 Picks to Style your Home for Less!”

Colourful Home = Colourful Mind

Have you ever considered what colour elates you and what colour deflates you? As I broaden my understanding of interior design, I realise a home is more than what’s “in” the space. It’s about incorporating colours that create a space that resonates with you. I’d like to give you some tips on how injecting theContinue reading “Colourful Home = Colourful Mind”

3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper

It’s easy to stick to wallpaper when styling a room. It almost comes as second nature to most of us because it’s so popular. I wanted to step out of the wallpaper realm and share a few exciting tips and ideas with you to bring a room to life. 1 Create Symmetry and Levels AContinue reading “3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper”

On-the-go “inspo” – From Leicester to London

Most of my blogs feature my outlook on trends, room design and specific pieces. I thought I’d give you more of an insight about myself, so you can see where my inspiration comes from. Some of it will be my day-to-day life and other elements will involve places I’ve never been before. So follow meContinue reading “On-the-go “inspo” – From Leicester to London”

Inviting the Outdoors In – This Spring

What “spring-feels” have you invited into your home? Spring for me is about inviting the outdoors in. Now that the clocks have gone forward and the days are longer, it’s the perfect time to refresh tired spaces. Here are some tips if you’re looking to do the same! Tip 1: Don’t underestimate the power ofContinue reading “Inviting the Outdoors In – This Spring”

Self-Care at home

I’ve seen a lot about self-care recently and something about this topic resonated with me. I wanted to expand on this topic and put your self-care routine to the test in a different way. Self-care is associated with any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physicalContinue reading “Self-Care at home”

#HomeTrend Series: Living Room

Welcome to the first edition of the #HomeTrend Series. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on “what’s in” for various rooms over the year. The first instalment is focused on the Living Room. The Accent Chair The “accent chair” adds depth and character to a room with minimal effort. We’ve stepped away from the era ofContinue reading “#HomeTrend Series: Living Room”

New Year, New Home?

At the beginning of the year we all assess where we are, where we want to be, and how we will get there? Questions arise as to how to better ourselves, our health and  our home. Whilst making my inevitable list of things to achieve, I came across some pictures of my old house. IContinue reading “New Year, New Home?”

Get “table-ready” in time for Christmas

If the classic combination isn’t for you, there’s plenty of colours you can introduce together. From emerald greens to ice and silver. Alternatively, you can opt for a natural rustic Christmas feel. Here’s some inspiration from John Lewis, Maison Du Monde and H&M. So there you have it; a “season-ready” table-setting created by yours truly.Continue reading “Get “table-ready” in time for Christmas”