Colourful Home = Colourful Mind

It’s evermore important to align your mind and body nowadays. So why not align your home (where you spend most of your time) with yourself.

Have you ever considered what colour elates you and what colour deflates you? As I broaden my understanding of interior design, I realise a home is more than what’s “in” the space. It’s about incorporating colours that create a space that resonates with you. I’d like to give you some tips on how injecting the right tones in your home can enhance your personal space so that it resonates with you and your lifestyle.

Warm tones

Warm tones are often grouped into reds, oranges and yellows as they add a subtle glow to a space. They are associated with love, happiness and comfort.

  • Red is all about love, passion, heat, joy, and power. Also consider blood redcrimsonscarlet, and vermilion.
  • Pink is sweet, nice, romantic, playful, and delicate, similar to fuchsia.
  • Yellow is happy, joyful, cheerful, and for remembrance.
  • Gold represents riches, extravagance, brightness, and tradition.
  • Orange is energy, warmth, change, and health.

These tones are perfect for lifting spaces with minimal light. You’ll also find adding brass or gold rustic tones create a reflective hue within small spaces. Perfect for adding a touch of light.

These tones are more prevelant on colder seasons. For example, over autumn and winter you’ll notice a shift in styles and colour in the stores around you. We obviously cannot afford to change our home as often as the seasons, but it’s easy to inject these tones in your home through accessories, flowers and light. Here are a few timeless finds:

Cool tones

Cool tones certainly resonate with me as I’m a huge fan of blues, greens and purples. These tones often invoke a feeling of calmness in a room. You’ll notice these tones more so over spring and summer.

  • Purple is royal, precious, romantic, and sacred. Fuchsialilacplum, and violet are some similar colors.
  • Lavender is full of grace, an elegance, delicate, and feminine color.
  • Green signifies growth, health, environment, and harmony, like chartreuse.
  • Turquoise represents the feminine, sophisticated, retro look.
Adding pieces of sentiment collectively can create a lovely centre piece to empty spaces. Here’s my calming buddha paired with a few accessories. Tray from Sainsburys, Candle from Dunelm

Here’s some cool inspiration for you:

Neutrals and Natural light

This is the most common base colour across the board and includes; whites, creams and most recently greys. These base colours create a fresh, clean space associated with the modern era of minimalist living. Selecting a good base colour is dependant on your style and the amount of light you have in a room. For example, it would be better to select lighter tones in a darker room. Pairing lighter neutral shades with darker tones works just as well (see below).

Various range from John Lewis
  • Black and Grey reveals itself as conservative, mysterious, and sophisticated.
  • White is for purity, innocence, and softness.
  • Ivory whispers quiet, pleasant, understated elegance.
  • Brown is earthiness, wholesomeness, simplicity, and friendliness.

Here’s some neutral inspiration to add to your home from Dwell, French Bedroom Company and Maison Du Monde

A bit of everything…

There’s no clear cut rule on having one style of colour over the other. In fact creating contrasting tones is more inviting to a space when you bring warm, cool and neutral together. Here’s my own living room space for some inspo:

So when you’re at home today, consider how you could give your room some colour and personal style so it’s more of “you” and less of a show room. Be happy with you, your home and your space.

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Until next time!


Source: The meaning of colours