Finding your Style of Decor

When did making a “house a home” become confusing?! 

Have you spent what feels like forever researching items for a particular room only to give up later because you’re fed up?

How about the time you order something only for you to realise, “it’s just not me.”

I am going to show you how you some simple steps to finding a style that resonates with you. This will make it that bit easier for you to find pieces that will last for some time to come. It means you can FINALLY take the steps to bring your home together.

Before I start, let me tell you this…

“Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart” – Kelly Hoppen.

Should I be hung up on style of decor? 

A style of decor emphasises key features and pieces that are prominent in the room at hand. There are so many styles of decor. Off the top of my head; modern minimalism, French chic or bohemian chic. Google these three styles to see the variation and features.

The variety of decor can cause confusion because you might like elements of one along with another. Here’s another example; a living room can be modern and bold with accent colours but invite traditional elements such as a Chesterfield sofa to create a different feel to the space.

So, the simple answer is no. Don’t be hung up on the style of decor per se. Use various styles for inspiration to create a unique combination that flows with your space and compliments your personality. The key is to focus on balance. Read on to understand how to balance your room using different elements.

Creating the right balance of decor

Balancing a variety of styles doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Here are three things to consider. If you’re mixing different styles together consider the flow of the room on these 3 levels.

Floor Level – Starting from the ground up. Whether you have hard flooring, carpet or rugs; this is still a layer in the room to create the first impression. Why?! Well, it’s what you walk on. Your feet will either feel cold or warm as you transition from one area to another. So, it’s important to appreciate the type of flooring you select. Layering your carpet or flooring with a rug creates interest. It frames the floor and creates a balance from one side to another. Think about whether you’d like to insert colour from the ground up or texture. 

Mid Level – This is the point in your room that would come roughly halfway up from your foot to waist. Consider what your midpoint in the room is. Is it a TV? Is it a chest of drawers? What have you placed in your room to create a “break” along a wall or possibly a corner. Is the piece textured or carved, or is it bright with a pop of colour. This element is important in bringing character to your room. Don’t fret over what you are selecting. Use masking tape to mark out how you want your room to flow and consider how your lighting affects colours you might select in the room. Once you have a rough idea of how the room will flow you can begin to focus on pieces that will create interest.

Eye Level – This is the point in your room at where you’re standing and glancing across the room. For me, this is where paints, wallpapers and wall art play an important part complimenting the pieces you have selected. Again, don’t worry. This is where you get to have fun and use samples to assess what colours you REALLY LOVE. Think about textured walls vs. bright patterns. What makes you feel happy



How quickly can I get it done?


Can I be totally honest with you? Rushing to get things done can often lead to costly mistakes. The biggest takeaway from this is to allocate a small proportion of time to think about the flow in your room. Save 5 – 10 images that REALLY inspire you so you know what you can build upon in your room. 

If time is a real issue you can always ask me some questions here

Prioritise this first:

Light and Space – The light in your room will help you determine how you might want to position your furniture. This will help you in laying out your space and understanding the flow of the room. Grab that masking tape and get going. 

Colour and Texture – This is where you can relate colour and texture back to your space because you’ll know where the best light is and how you want your room to flow. Grab samples and get to uncovering elements that resonate with you.



Still not sure… 

If you are struggling to pull the things you need together, it’s ok. It does take some time. I can help you to find the pieces that suit you and work with you to bring your room back to life. As a starter, take a peek at the Free Home Styling Guide. You can work through some of the guided tips and recommendations to get started.

Personalised pieces and lifestyle are key to creating a home that reflects you and your loved ones. Spend some time to bring out who you really are and show your journey. This is what true decor is and this is what I truly love to do. 

If you need some guidance, feel free to contact me here.  I can give you some insight into unlocking the true potential of your home and guide you step by step. 


Until next time… Leena