Time to cosy up over Christmas

Presents wrapped? Christmas dinner cooking? In the mayhem of Christmas, one thing we can so easily take for granted is those moments of peace and cosying up over a festive film.

Why not get your cosy feels ready in time so you can be extra relaxed this Christmas with a few tweaks to make your holidays extra RELAXING!

The ONE THING I cannot do without is a good quality throw to REALLY snuggle into! 

  • Opt for a thick throw – I prefer the lush faux fur throws!
  • If you’re one that gets too “hot” (said no one ever!) Then get something light and airy to throw over with the fam.

Warm up with a drink that stays warm….

 Whether it’s mulled wine, hot chocolate or a hot “toddy” (some might say).

Invest in these Double Walled Mugs. They are a serious game changer! For someone like me who’s on the go, I can pour my hot drink and come back to it after a while. It’ll still be warm enough for me to drink.

There’s so many different varieties available, but I absolutely love the range from Whittard. Brands like Bodum come in more expensive but they certainly won’t let you down.

Alternatively, Amazon have some really good options at an affordable price point. 

So if you are to do anything, I DEFINITELY recommend investing in these!


Grab a treat whilst you’re at it!

Christmas is all about food and indulging, so take a moment to really get festive at home with platters for you and your family. It’s amazing how much food we consume over Christmas!

Festive platters take it to ANOTHER LEVEL! 

  • These are ideal for your sharing treats with the family!
  • Pop in some savoury or sweet treats whilst curling up to a movie and you’re good to go!
  • Don’t forget to relax now!

From my home to yours…

 I hope you truly enjoy relaxing with your loved ones this Christmas. It’s certainly been a challenging year for many of us, so take the time to pat yourself on the back and realise how far you’ve come.  

It may be a little quieter than usual, but remember, it’s all worthwhile and it’s extra special with those who we can be with in the moment.

From my home to yours I wish you an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Leena x