Get grounded with a neutral colour palette… that’s not grey!

There’s more to a neutral colour palette than just grey and white… how about earth tones to warm up your home instead?

There is a fear that using cream or light beige toned colours infuses the home of the 90’s where magnolia dominated almost every room. However, it’s far from it. Paint swatches and pigments can vary far and wide and there’s more to it that meets the eye. I’m going to be sharing some ideas on how to create a subtle neutral home that is still warm, cosy and comfortable without too much fuss. And guess what… this gives you a great alternative than just turning to grey all the time. So take a read… you might find something that really switches up your room!

Light and earthy colours…

There are so many colours to choose from. I’ve narrowed these colours down to 3 in particular and shared how these can be used in your home. First and foremost, I highly recommend you order paint samples to assess how the light reflects in your room so you can fully see if this is the right shade for you.

Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone – This colour is so versatile. It’s light, warm yet modern. It’s perfect for all types of rooms. In particular open plan areas where there’s a lot of light. A tone light this picks the light up well and allows the room to feel open yet cosy even on a cold winter day. Take a peek at my colour sample board and how to use this in your home!

Little Green Portland Stone – The amazing thing about this colour is the variations the palette comes in, Portland Stone Pale, Portland Stone Dark and Deep. This colour is a off white stone colour and can is great to layer a room using different shades of this tone. Try complimenting other walls with the Dark and Deep tone so that you can create character in the room. 

Graham and Brown Samantha – This is a sophisticated and calming colour, slightly warmer than the two above but enough to create a warm feel no matter how big your room is. Try this out in a large area or landing if you’d like to make it feel cosier.

A few pointers to help you…

Review where your natural light comes in and ensure that you swatch the colours at various points in the room. Apply two coats so you can get a realistic feel of the paint colour before your purchase a full tin. Try the paint over a few days maybe a week so that the colour can settle into the room and you feel comfortable with the tones at various points in the day.



Neutral textures for your room

The focal point of a room isn’t solely based paint alone. If you’re looking to keep to a neutral colour tone and would like to have some character; there are various ways to do this.

Textured wallpapers are one way to incorporate depth to your walls without too much of a colour splash. Try out the Venice Range at I Love Wallpaper. The wallpaper quality has been amazing so far. 

To keep your neutral base colour on point, select a textured wallpaper that compliments the paint you’re using around the room. Most neutral textured wallpapers also include elements of gold / brass / copper or silver to create a slight reflection in the paper. Papers like this make an amazing addition to any wall as it still creates an impact without being too loud.

Alternatively, you can invite more texture and colour from by using panelling. The oak finishes are ideal for building upon a more natural feel in the home. This also creates more of a focal point as the panels are more prominent than using textured wallpaper. Some of these panels are ideal for open plan areas as they can manage the acoustics in large spaces. 

Neutral spaces don’t always need loud colours especially if you’re looking to create a calm and relaxed zone. I’d recommend adding plants and greenery to layer up your room as this will compliment the zen feel and make it feel much more homelier. 

Minimalist colour schemes don’t make a space boring, in fact, they can open a room out and with the use of the right textures and finishes, it can make a really cohesive and sophisticated space.

It may seem daunting, but all it takes are a few simple things. If you’d like some help pulling your home together, then get in touch here.


KEY TAKEAWAYS… You won’t want to miss! 


When information OVERLOAD takes over… STOP!

Take a breath and come back to what you want your space to FEEL like…

Then take each element one STEP at a TIME! 

If you need a partner to take you through each element, so you have a clear vision, feel free to contact me or ask me a question here.

Until next time…