How to introduce colour into an open plan space

With fewer walls in an open-plan area; how is it possible to use colour effectively?

If you are renovating or have an open plan area, you’ll know how daunting it can be deciding on paint, wallpaper and everything else in between.

It is also very easy to settle for plain greys or succumbing to the fact that it’s just too difficult to make a decision; so it’s best to play it safe!

I am going to spend some time taking you through some KEY ELEMENTS to consider and help you form the foundations in creating a colourful, tasteful home that will make you feel all the “feels” as I call it.

Get Creative with Open-Plan Living 


An open plan area allows you to overlook a space far and wide. From one area of the room you can cross over a living area, dining area or possibly a play room depending on the size. With minimal wall partitions, how can you make each “zone” interesting?!

Creating an open-plan space involves finding the right balance of practical living combined with a sense of style that resonates with your personality. In one sense having the openness of a room creates more of a cohesive living space for a family. Yet, it can also feel like a open “hall” with everything merging into one space. Creating definition within an open-plan area comes down to understanding each “zone” of your space. Here are a few areas to consider.

Storage is always a must-have. So one option to create interest is to create a feature wall using wall hung storage. This will zone an area in your open plan space and make it a point of interest too. To make it pop, why not panel the doors? 

Alternatively, create a feature using a wall mural so that it becomes your focal point.  Just like a wall mural can create more of an impact, so does wall art. A unique canvas can define a room into an area that creates calm and sophistication. 

Panelling is also a popular choice. However, you might want to stand out from the crowd. I’ve discussed some unique panelling ideas here and created a panelling guide to help so you can bring it to life!

For a much more subtle refined elegance, wallpaper with texture and dimmed metallic finishes can create luxury with a slight impact.

Frame your space from the ground up

 The focal point of a room isn’t solely based on what surrounds your walls. In actual fact, it all starts from the ground up. Rugs, flooring and layering your room up starting from the floor makes all the difference.

Put simply, a rug can frame a space in isolation making it an “area” in itself. For example you may want to create a living room and offset that space against the dining area. To make the living space cosier, a rug in front of the sofa would create contrast and comfort. The images on the right also show how the style of rug within a space can impact the room. For example, you can create a symmetrical flow of the space from the ground up and reflect that on the walls with gallery frames.

Alternatively, you can invite more texture and colour from the ground up to add in pops of colour. In the second image, black is a prominent feature which flows through on the lighting, the chair and also the cushions. 

So if you’re looking to add colour, walls aren’t the only point of interest in a room. Use your flooring, rugs or soft furnishings to bring in accents that tie the room together. 

The choice of colour depends on what tones resonate with you and how much light flows through the space. Consider how you want your room to feel and test colours on your wall and floor to understand if that will sit well in the room through various times. 

It may seem daunting, but all it takes are a few simple things. If you want more colour, start from your flooring / rug. If you prefer more neutral elements, use textured neutral rugs and invite that into the room. Finally, if you want something strong or bold, add this across the specific zone to tie it together.




KEY TAKEAWAYS… You won’t want to miss! 


When information OVERLOAD takes over… STOP!

Take a breath and come back to what you want your space to FEEL like…

Then take each element one STEP at a TIME! 

If you need a partner to take you through each element, so you have a clear vision, feel free to contact me or ask me a question here.

Until next time…