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Top 5 indoor plants that will last the test of time

Top 5 indoor plants that will last the test of time

Healthy food, healthy lifestyle... what about a healthy home? Have you considered adding some greenery to your home? More often than not, its easy to resort to faux plants for an easy, somewhat "stress-free" plant-life. However, today's post is going to give you my...

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Colourful Home = Colourful Mind

Colourful Home = Colourful Mind

It's evermore important to align your mind and body nowadays. So why not align your home (where you spend most of your time) with yourself. Have you ever considered what colour elates you and what colour deflates you? As I broaden my understanding of interior design,...

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3 ways to create a feature wall without wallpaper

Marble Art - Dwell It's easy to stick to wallpaper when styling a room. It almost comes as second nature to most of us because it's so popular. I wanted to step out of the wallpaper realm and share a few exciting tips and ideas with you to bring a room to life. 1...

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New Year, New Home?

At the beginning of the year we all assess where we are, where we want to be, and how we will get there? Questions arise as to how to better ourselves, our health and  our home. Whilst making my inevitable list of things to achieve, I came across some pictures of my...

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