My Top 3 Art Styles for your Home

What’s your art style?

We all have a certain style of decor we are naturally drawn to. Just like decor, art can be the same. You will find you are more drawn to particular styles than others. There’s a lot to say about different techniques and styles of art. Today, I wanted to introduce three individual styles as an eye-opener to how you can elevate your own home through something one-of-a-kind.

Art based on emotion

Meet Punam creator of ArtbyPunam. Her current collection “Hope in Stillness” is breath-taking. It brings about calm and serenity through the use of sand, sea and sky.

Sometimes we choose to be still, sometimes we’re forced. In this moment of being forced into stillness, I wanted to try and find hope, peace and a calmness that could carry me through. Each piece in this collection has been created with that hope & peace in mind, while trying to navigate this difficulty. Whilst, I’m aware of the uncertainty surrounding us all, my wish is that I can bring even a small sliver of peace and calm to you and your homes. I am excited to see where each one ends up and hope you find one that truly speaks to you.


What emotion did this piece bring to you? Art evokes emotion beyond something we read on paper. For me, if I find something that resonates with a “feeling”, it will remain timeless for years to come. Punam’s pieces are founded on emotion. I love that she uses colours to convey this message coupled with texture. If you’re one for something soothing, then you’ll definitely find something from Punam’s collection.

Bold art combined with illustration

Meet Karina of Karina Mansfield Illustrations. A colourful expressive artist that uses illustration to bring pieces to life. Not only are her natural illustrations eye-catching, but her take on portraying people is so wonderfully unique.

I am self-taught artist and didn’t begin selling my illustrations until May of last year (always hold onto your dreams!) I am adept with various illustrative software programs and I feel I’ve nurtured my very own style. An you can see from my illustrations, they are created using hard edges, utilising block of colours and arrange


How stunning are these pieces? These illustrations just resonate with me. How about you? If like me, you’re someone who loves to mix colour and prints, then I am sure you will find something from Karina’s collection. Her use of bold colours mixed with striking prints will make such a wonderful feature on your wall that you won’t need much else.

Intricate art combined with culture

Meet Nina Gore. Her style of art focuses on intricate detail combined with colour and culture. Her pieces intertwine Indian heritage playfully in such a lovely way. When Nina works with colours, she likes to blend her tones and create contrast.

I have loved drawing, since as far back as I can remember. My culture and background is an integral part of each piece I create. I love experimenting with traditional henna patterns to evoke a journey through each piece. Each intricate line leads to another and creates a unified print like no other. Adding ombre effects with contrasting colours creates something unique.

Nina Gore

Here’s one of Nina’s recent pieces which I found to be quite captivating. If you’re looking for a piece that invites finer details, then Nina’s work will create the feature you’re after. When viewing Nina’s pieces, I often find myself drawn to the detail and where the lines lead. Here’s a recent piece she completed. What do you love the most? Colour or detail?

Where will you find your next piece of art?

I would hope the next purchase would be from one of these lovely talented ladies. Three different pieces, three unique styles, three talented individuals; all with one goal in mind – To bring Art to life through various mediums and techniques. When you’ve purchased a piece from these ladies, share it with me over on instagram. Would love to see how you’ve styled it.

Contact me here if you’d like to find out more about my interior design services or for collaborations. Thanks for reading!