New Year, New Home?

At the beginning of the year we all assess where we are, where we want to be, and how we will get there? Questions arise as to how to better ourselves, our health and  our home. Whilst making my inevitable list of things to achieve, I came across some pictures of my old house. I wondered how many people would consider moving home and starting afresh.

I thought I would share some tips on how to make your home ready for viewings if you’re getting your house on the market.

The Prep

Before calling for any evaluations be sure to get your home decluttered as much as possible to show it off in the best light.

Use storage hacks to put away any items not immediately needed. Here’s some top tips:

  1. Store away those seasonal items. (You know what I mean, the Christmas Jumpers, the board games now gathering cob webs and the dinnerware only used on special occasions)
  2. Box it up smartly. Anything you box now will pay off later. It will come in handy when you move. Boxes can be used for new storage later in your new home. For items that need sturdiness, I have used the Wilko large plastic boxes. Even after moving, I now use them to store toys and Christmas decorations in my garage.
  3. Last but not least, if you have things in the home that need small storage; these ottomans / footstools from Dunelm are sure to do the trick and fit in with your home style.

The viewings

You won’t want to spend any time decorating in this home, but you will need to emphasise a rooms potential. This will allow your potential buyers the chance to view it as if it were their own.

To ensure your home is somewhat neutral and shows off its true potential, here are some other ideas for you!

  1. For bedrooms – Keep the bedding light even if the rest of the rooms remain colourful. This creates a blank canvas. If you don’t have anything plain, then consider a simple throw or blanket to break the colour in the room
  2. For living rooms – Keep “nik-naks” (as I call it) to a minimum. You can always take out your ornaments later. This is really to keep the room spacious and not focus on intricacies.
  3. Bathrooms – Fold those towels. Silly as it sounds a simple bathroom with neatly folded towels can already make it feel welcoming.

Deal or no deal

When you have viewings chances are your home has ticked a fair few boxes. It’s ultimately the buyers choice on what they decide. However, you can still talk through the potential of your home and what the key features are.

  1. Don’t shy away, talk about any storage features you have made.
  2. Emphasise additional decor you’ve put into the home. Every investment you’ve made in this home can make a difference.
  3. Take a moment to talk to your buyers about anything they’re unsure of.

The final piece of the puzzle will fit if it’s right. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go your way the first time. These things take time and I firmly believe if it doesn’t happen it means something better is yet to come.

Leena Biant

Thank you for taking the time to read. Here’s to 2019! Contact me if you want to talk through your home plans for the year.