The Tatton Project

This was an 8m X 6m extension creating an amazing open plan kitchen, diner and living area for a family of 5. From selecting flooring, to worktops and layout this was a brilliant project to be a part of from start to finish. Colour was invoked in pockets to keep the room flowing nicely, and sections created neatly throughout the space. It’s working well for this family.

Working on a new open plan extension can be very overwhelming as there’s so much to think about and so many plates to spin at one time.  

This is where Leena really excels. 

She helped me from start to finish. From finalising the layout of the kitchen to the different finishes of the kitchen units. 

She helped by walking around the new extension and actually drawing out where everything would go to give a real life feel to what it would be like. 

She helped me single out the colours that I was drawn to and created a vision for me. 

She helped me ensure I kept to the theme as it’s so easy to get carried away, especially with social media and Pinterest.. I literally wanted it all!!! But Leena was so good at bringing me back to the mood board ensuring that all the different zones flowed, even though they were separate areas. 

My main challenge was the home furnishings and Leena really excelled in this. She knew exactly what and wouldn’t work in terms of cushions, vases, flowers and accessories. Leena is so meticulous when it comes to styling and the finished product really is a credit to her. 

Thank you so much Leena for your help and passion.