Top 5 indoor plants that will last the test of time

Healthy food, healthy lifestyle… what about a healthy home? Have you considered adding some greenery to your home? More often than not, its easy to resort to faux plants for an easy, somewhat “stress-free” plant-life. However, today’s post is going to give you my top 5 plants that are worth investing in.

Plants have so many health benefits so it’s worth selecting a few low maintenance plants that will not only look great but give you all of these benefits as well.

Source: Lifestyle Home and Garden

The Yucca Plant

Starting from £18.95:

I love the height and variations that this plant comes in. This plant gives off a “tropical” feel and certainly catches your eye. It makes a great focal point and will keep green through the seasons. Not only is it great for bringing light to a dark corner, these beautiful plants require minimal water and maintenance. I’d recommend checking the height of the plant you select so that it doesn’t overpower your space. I’d imagine this to be in an open area, or along a wall as a “break” between furniture. For example, a rectangular living room.

Snake Plant or Mother-in-laws Tongue

£12.79 (Was £15.99) from Waitrose

This one did have me in stitches because of the name. Maybe I don’t get out enough! Aside from the unfortunate name, this plant looks great. It’s an all-rounder plant ideal for a shelf, or coffee table. Waitrose description claims for it to be “virtually indestructible” – I would hope thats in the realm of green fingers. The upkeep is minimal as it requires little water. This makes it ideal for those with a busy schedule. For those with smaller rooms or tight spaces – this is the plant for you. Its narrow base and upright structure means it will create a simple yet effective addition to your space.

Aloe Vera

£13.99 from Primrose

Aloe Vera plants do more than just look good. If you’re accident prone in the kitchen, this might be one for your windowsill. The gel inside the plant can soothe burns and help to heal cuts. To get the best out of this plant, a little sunlight will help and water in small doses. Seeing as the plant is 95% water, you’ll only need a little when the top of the soil is dry. It’s definitely worth investing in this, as you’ll get a great looking plant for very little effort.

Chinese Evergreen

£12.99 from Hortology

This plant can capture your attention with its patterned leaves and dense foliage. They thrive in medium to low light conditions or indirect sunlight making it adaptable to most homes. This would be well placed in the centre of a large coffee table or an open space as it’s one that is wider at the top. As this plant has a few colour variations, I’d recommend finding the right one to suit your space. Some have red-toned leaves which would create a warmer feel to your home.

Weeping Fig

£9.99 from Primrose

This is the largest of my top 5 plants. Large plants can seem daunting as we would assume it would be harder to maintain. However, this plant won’t impose on your day-to-day routine too much. It’s ideal for open-plan spaces where it can be seen in all its glory. If you have patio doors or a long wall this will add to the space nicely whilst inviting the outdoors in.

Thanks for reading my latest blog on indoor plants. Let me know if any of these plants have worked for you. Post a picture or leave a comment, I’d love to see how you’re getting on!

If you’d like some more inspiration and ideas to bring your room together then please get in touch.